Welcome to the USS Phoenix NCC-65420-A!


Like the bird of legend the Phoenix has risen again!


Throughout history the Phoenix has been a symbol of strength, rebirth, and even immortality. Said to be capable of carrying tremendous loads, striking fear into the corrupt, granting courage to the pure in heart, and overcoming death by embracing life. Space is a cold, vast, unforgiving place and will no doubt put that to the test.

The year is 2397. In the decades following the Dominion War and the destruction of Romulus, the Federation has returned to normal, with Star Fleet returning to the roles of exploration and discovery. However the lessons of the past have not gone unlearned. The new ships are better equipped scientifically, defensively, and offensively than the ships of the past and the Prometheus Class starship quickly become the muscle of the Federation fleet. With it's trade mark Multi-Vector-Assault Mode, this class of vessel can easily stand toe to toe with most anything it encounters.


The USS Phoenix is a 18+, Nova platform simulation with a RPG rating of:
RPG Rating 2 2 2


Whether you are a commissioned officer, enlisted, or a cadet there is a place for you on board the Phoenix. There are opportunities for character development, adventure and fun as we go "where no one has gone before". Take a look at our open positions list and be a part of the journey. If you don't find exactly what you had in mind, feel free to message me here on the site, or on discord and we can see what we can do.

While the sim does accept the destruction of Romulus, it is only used as a back drop for character development, as the current string of missions planned take the Phoenix into the unknown. Additionally, while we do not "follow" the events of Picard we can incorporate certain aspects to keep things moving. Any questions...just ask.

To join the Phoenix simply select "Apply Now" from any of the open positions on the Personnel page to begin your journey. Any questions can be sent to me via the contact menu.

Captain Ricardo Esteban Montoya
Commanding Officer
USS Phoenix

You can also find us on: Discord_Logo_small.png and on facebook-small.png




The Past is Future

The Temporal Cold War just got hot.

Having repeatedly failing to undermine the formation of the Federation, the remaining factions in the Temporal Cold War have decided to try and engineer it's collapse by using one of the Federation's own.

Recruited by what they thought was Federation time ship the crew of the Phoenix are sent back in time to ensure the several historical events happen the way they are supposed to, thus protecting the timeline. At least that's what they were led to believe. Unbeknownst to them, if they succeed billions could die and the Federation will fall.


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Latest News Items

» New Member of the Crew

Posted on 13 Apr 2024 @ 7:29pm by Captain Ricardo (Rico) Montoya in Sim Announcement

Attention Crew of the USS Phoenix...

Please welcome aboard Lieutenant JG Kai Nokamura, our new Assistant Chief Engineering Officer.

We will need to incorporate him into the crew gained from the USS Granger, but that will be easy enough. No doubt a few bumps and bruises from the incident, but everyone be sure to make him feel welcome.

Capt. Montoya

» New Member of the Crew

Posted on 12 Mar 2024 @ 6:31pm by Captain Ricardo (Rico) Montoya in General News

Everyone please welcome Larry to the fold. He will be play Lt. Jason Rhineholt M.D., our new Chief Medical Officer. There are still a few details to work out to get him on board but our crew is growing.

Larry - If you are on Discord be sure to join us on our server.


Posted on 09 Mar 2024 @ 9:37am by Captain Ricardo (Rico) Montoya in General News

Once again the crew of the USS Phoenix have shown the Task Force and the fleet that our phoenix has truely risen from it's ashes. For the second time in the 5 months since the sim was reborn you all have earned our sim another award. Outstanging!! Keep up the good work!!

» On the road again...

Posted on 19 Feb 2024 @ 9:39am by Captain Ricardo (Rico) Montoya in General News

Hope everyone is having a good Monday morning, afternoon, or evening, depending on your location.

As most of you may have noticed we've had a lot of group posts go out and we are officially underway...Finally!!! WoooWhoo!!!

Now...let's get to the other posts that are still floating out there. Those non-mission posts that tie things together are just as, if not more, important than the those big all hands mission JPs.

IF you are involved on those currently in play...get to those tags.

When you wanna start or have an idea for a side plot / non-mission JP...send out a DM to the other party you may want to involve and keep those posts going.

With the posts that have gone out we have had a good level of activity and are on track for an awesome set of stats for February. AWESOME JOB ALL!!! ...Let's keep it up!

Captain Montoya

» Congratulations

Posted on 10 Dec 2023 @ 1:09pm by Captain Ricardo (Rico) Montoya in General News

It has been a long road back following a long break and the sims rebooting during the last part of October. The Fleet and Group leadership took notice all the activity by the crew to get things going again in November. While our stats don't show huge numbers for November, the activity posted and unposted on the sim site and planning on Discord was taken into account.

For all your efforts they awarded the Phoenix the Task Group Award of Merit for November 2023.

Well Done All!!!

Chris / Capt. Ricardo Montoya
USS Phoenix

Latest Mission Posts

» Handoffs

Mission: M-18 The Past is Future
Posted on 18 May 2024 @ 10:13am by Captain Ricardo (Rico) Montoya & Crewman Sizia Sh'velihr & Lieutenant Commander Aiden MacMahon & Lieutenant Jason Mitchell & Lieutenant Kole & Lieutenant Urushi Yaotome & Lieutenant Jason Rhineholt M.D.

:: On ::

Rico walked into the conference room with Sizia in tow seeing his officers and the XO from the Granger were already assembled. "My apologies everyone I was speaking with Starfleet Command about our little situation here and I they are awaiting the update as soon as we…

» Hunting for the Past

Mission: M-18 The Past is Future
Posted on 11 May 2024 @ 12:43pm by Lieutenant Mat'tew el-Altaa & Captain Ricardo (Rico) Montoya & Lieutenant Commander Aiden MacMahon & Crewman Sizia Sh'velihr

One of the things that Mat'tew had decided to do, after getting his department running how he wanted it, was to verify every member of the crew was up to date on their various weapons qualifications.

After looking at everyone's personnel files, the only ones he found to be fully…

» Warm Breezes, Sun, and Sand

Mission: M-18 The Past is Future
Posted on 11 May 2024 @ 11:51am by Lieutenant Jason Rhineholt M.D. & Ensign Tora Zalos

Jason Rhineholt arrived at exactly 1930 hours dressed in shorts, a sleeveless t-shirt, and sandals carrying a beach towel over his shoulder. He also wore a waist pack with bottled water and sunblock included just because. Walking up to the holodeck Jason could see Tora had already started the program…

» Old Auntie Special

Mission: M-18 The Past is Future
Posted on 10 May 2024 @ 12:01pm by Lieutenant JG Kai Nokamura

"Computer, lock the door," Kai said as he entered his work room and immediately removed his slide-on sandals. "Load Old Auntie 12."

"Aloha Ahiahi," the computer responded. "Dock is 'locked. Loading Old Auntie 12."

The work room was entirely white, with a small, raised platform at the center of the…

» Surprise Meet

Mission: M-18 The Past is Future
Posted on 10 May 2024 @ 9:38am by Lieutenant Jason Rhineholt M.D. & Ensign Samantha (Sam) Emerson

Doctor Rhineholt had just finished his shift in the primary sick bay and decided to have dinner in the main lounge for a change instead of eating in the mess hall, which was usually crowded this time of day.

Arriving at the lounge Jason walked in noticing just how sparse…

Latest Personal Logs

» Change In Assignment

Posted on 29 Dec 2017 @ 4:53am by Lieutenant Commander Cevel Th'raran

Start log:
Lieutenant Commander Cevel Th'raran's personal log.
Stardate 69444.042
I have just received word that I will be transferring posts. I will be leaving Deep Space Two and be assigned to the USS Phoenix.
This is not a surprise as I put in a transfer request several months ago.…

» I've gotta tell somebody...

Posted on 17 Apr 2015 @ 3:07am by Lieutenant Commander Fanvo Adtanis


I know this is a bad idea, to have a record like this. I just... there is too much to keep inside my head, the Nosk is even asking me to calm down, anxiety makes it active and irritable.

What the hell am I doing? What the HELL AM…

» Holographic History Channel Presents...

Posted on 10 Feb 2015 @ 12:09am by

Hello Fellow Achilles Crew,

We all know how I adore holo-programs, and let me say this particular program is a new league of its own.


This is a glorious re-telling of Garth of Izar's rise and triumph over the Klingons during our four years war. Featuring interviews from Legendary…

» The time it takes ...

Posted on 01 Feb 2015 @ 9:39am by Lieutenant JG Tobias Todd

"First personal log entry, Tobias Todd, Lieutenant. The transfer to the new Achilles was without incident. My personal belongings arrived safely and more importantly the data I brought along is undamaged as well. I intend to extensively research every method of life extension, biological or mechanical, known to man ...…

» K'nar Finally Caught Up With Me!

Posted on 29 Sep 2014 @ 2:37am by Ensign Karrak

Perssonal log of Enssign Karrak.

It has been an uneventful time sso far since I have received my orderss for my firsst sship to sserve under. I have received notice that I must wait longer.

It has been a long journey for me to reach thiss place, long and hard,…